Sincerely, Joe Barton


To whom it may concern,

I have been reading your weblog of late and what I see truly offends and disgusts me.

You insolent little turds have no idea who your dealing with, do you? I will use the Patriot Act to subpoena the commie corporation allowing you to spew your venom and crush them. When I get their records I will track you down and crush you. I'll crush anything and everything in my path. Like grapes under my heel.

Listen and listen good. There are two types of people in this world. The screws and the screwed. I am a mother screwer and you are about to find out what happens when you play with fire.

I am powerful. I am dangerous. I am beautiful.

I am a bad man.

I let polluters run free as long as the write the big checks. Why? Because I like money and because I can.

I will let DFW run roughshod over any attempts to repeal The Right Amendment. Why? Same reason.

So keep it up, hippies. You will all be pulling my boot leather out of your behinds pretty soon and you won't find it is such a good idea to wrap yourselves in the "freedom" flag only when it suits you.

Your mothers should have raised you better.


Joe Barton

p.s. If the DFW check bounces I'm on your side and you can disregard the above. jb