AA weighs in...

And what they have to say is exactly what we would have expected. We particularly enjoyed the underscored quote from VP John Carpenter. Would he moon over the consultants had they come back in favor of repeal? It's possible but not highly likely. Here's the release:

Press Release
American Airlines

American Concurs With Study on Potential Wright Repeal ImpactTuesday

FORT WORTH -- After a preliminary study of SH&E's analysis of the impact of a potential repeal of the Wright Amendment, American Airlines believes it validates the company's long-held position that a repeal would result in a disastrous setback to North Texas' growth and progress.

"SH&E is a highly respected organization in the aviation community," said John Carpenter, American's Vice President of Corporate Affairs. "The study appears to be very thorough and its conclusions are consistent with what we have said would result from a repeal of the Wright Amendment. In fact, the study may even be conservative in some respects."

American Airlines continues to support the community coalition of the North Texas Commission, DFW International Airport, the mayors of Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as others who oppose damaging North Texas' aviation infrastructure.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realize American is serving their own interests by supporting the Wright Amendment but they are right. Think of the ramifications of an AA bankrupcy, especially if it eventually forces them out of business. It would hurt all of north Texas and anyone who argues otherwise is confused or unable to see the forest for the trees.

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