The Beginning Of The End.

Pardon us, but why do the rest of us in north Texas allow the great unwashed to the south to keep reelecting that pantload Joe Barton. He is as crooked as the summer is long and here is one more example that he is for sale. The only reason he even has a say in the matter is because of his seniority. Its time for Joe Barton to go back to his broken home in Ennis and be tormented by his tattered and abused conscience. Heh heh. Joe Barton with a conscience. That IS pretty rich, isn't it?

Oh, just found out one of us, from south Fort Worth, is in the Barton district. Thanks Tom Delay. We suppose Barton does have a legitimate say in the matter. Still, he's got to go. A Republican that opposes free markets is not a republican. He's a COMMUNIST.

Either way, the ball is set and a couple of Texas guys will have plenty of help from non-Texans in getting it rolling.

We should have plenty to post after today's news conferences so stay tuned.

Lawmakers Want Wright Amendment Repealed

Associated Press Writer
Wed May 25

WASHINGTON - Two North Texans in Congressmen said Wednesday they think it's time to repeal a restriction that prevents Southwest Airlines from offering direct flights from Dallas' Love Field to most of the country.

Republican Reps. Sam Johnson and Jeb Hensarling said in a statement Wednesday they would propose immediate repeal of the Wright Amendment, which limits commercial flights from Love Field to Texas and seven nearby states.

Congress imposed the restriction in 1979 to protect Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the primary hub of Fort Worth-based American Airlines, against competition from Love Field in central Dallas. Southwest Airlines Co. is based at Love Field and has been lobbying Congress to repeal the Wright Amendment.

Johnson and Hensarling say repealing the amendment would increase competition among air carriers, leading to lower air fares. Johnson said he is not choosing one airline over the other.

They are facing opposition from other Texans, including Rep. Joe Barton, chairman of the powerful House Energy and Commerce committee. Barton will "vigorously fight any effort to repeal that measure," spokesman Brooks Landgraf said.

Ed Stewart, a spokesman for Southwest, said the proposal is a "very significant step toward the ultimate goal of giving the people of North Texas access to low fares through unfettered airline competition."

American, a unit of AMR Corp., disagreed.

"We continue to believe that North Texas communities made the correct decision to establish DFW International Airport as the aviation gateway for the region," said American spokesman Tim Wagner. "The wisdom of that decision has been borne out over the past 32 years by the unprecedented growth of the entire region."

The competing lawmakers planned separate news conferences on the issue Thursday.


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