A Lotta Damned Gall

The unmitigated audacity displayed by AA in their response to the "Freedom To Fly Act" (henceforth known as FTFA) is staggering. Even for them. Check it out...

Press Release
American Airlines

American Says Wright Repeal Would Be Double-Whammy for North Texas
Thursday May 26

(FORT WORTH, Texas) -- In response to Texas Representatives Jeb Hensarling and Sam Johnson declaring today their intention to sponsor legislation to repeal the Wright Amendment, American Airlines Executive Vice President Dan Garton said:

"This is a double-whammy for North Texas. If Southwest gets their way again, both the economy and the environment will surely suffer. First, repealing the Wright Amendment will be a setback to the region's growth. Second, the inevitable and dramatic rise in air traffic at Love Field will harm the environment in the neighborhoods around the airport. Make no mistake, the number of flights from Love Field will increase to levels never planned.

"This push by Southwest reflects the understandably selfish intentions of a company that today is roaming the halls of Congress seeking special favors. If Southwest were sincere about growing and competing, they would be flying from DFW Airport -- and they wouldn't need an act of Congress. We're confident the community will not let Southwest risk the quality of life for North Texans just to preserve and expand their monopoly at Love Field."

American AirlinesĀ® We know why you fly(SM)

Wow! Glass houses, planks in eyes, black kettles and pots. All that stuff.

We like the phrase "understandably selfish". Quite fortunate that he turned that particular phrase because that is what the opposition to FTFA is all about.

"Roaming the halls of Congress seeking special favors." As if SWA were the first company to do that. We challenge AA to prove that they are NOT doing the same thing and doing right this very second.

Monopoly? At present Continental Airlines is running flights out of two gates at Love Field. It may be close, but it is, by definition, not a monopoly.

A final thought for this post. Southwest apparently does not want to move any of its flights to DFW. And that is SWA's right. Is it not an outright display of hypocrisy for AA to demand such action when AA itself doesn't want to do likewise and move any of its flights to Love? And spare us the sancimounious bul... uh... baloney about the "quality of life" for North Texans. Quality of life in the USA includes Freedom. That includes a free marketplace where North Texans will decide how important their economic engine really is. When laws like Wright are killed, quality of life improves.


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