To PROTECT D-FW International Airport

In any discussion of the Wright Amendment, for or against, you will invariably hear that phrase.

But we purportedly live in a capitalist society where the market dictates necessity.

With that said, we should all be offended by the very existence of this amendment regardless of whether we have an interest in the viability of D-FW International.

The fight is just beginning and at the very least it will be interesting to watch it play out. At the most, we will someday be able to pop the cork on a bottle of Dom and celebrate the repeal of Wright and a return to The American Way.

This blog welcomes all comments from both sides of the issue. However we invite submissions from would-be guest bloggers who are opposed to Wright or even its ugly cousin Shelby. Those in favor will have to be satisfied to leave comments.

E-mail submissions to wrightiswrong@gmail.com.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing that makes Shelby ugly is that it is even necessary. Other than that actually lessened the restrictions put on Southwest by Wright.

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is odd, though, that the shelby amendment allows flights to new orleans which started the whole brouhaha in the first place.

9:52 AM  

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