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Why in tarnation would DFW be the site of this press conference? Its about seatbelts on the roadways not in the air. Perhaps they now paying the state to help keep the DFW name in the news? Or may their penchant for PROTECTION extends even to inane laws designed to protect us from ourselves.

For Immediate Release: May 12, 2005


More Than 30 Area Police Departments To Join Campaign; Special Emphasisin 2005 on Teens, Pickup Truck and Rural Drivers

DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Texas (May 12, 2005) - Police departmentsfrom across North Texas will be joining forces with the nationwide ClickIt or Ticket 2005 Mobilization, running from May 23 to June 5. DFWInternational Airport today hosted the kickoff event for the North Texascampaign, with representatives from about 30 local law enforcementagencies on hand to announce they will increase enforcement of Texassafety belt laws over the Memorial Day weekend.

The goal of Click It or Ticket is to boost the rate of safety belt useamong North Texas motorists and to reduce fatalities.

"Because we've seen first hand the severe injury and death that oftenresult from not wearing a safety belt, we will be showing zero tolerancefor anyone not buckled up," said Alvy Dodson, DFW vice president ofpublic safety. "We want everyone on the road to remember to buckle up -every trip, every time."

Teenagers and young adults, and those driving pickup trucks, and livingin rural areas are particularly at risk. Motor vehicle crashes are theleading cause of death for teens and young adults in the United Statesfrom age 16 through 34, and safety belt use by pickup truck occupants isabout 70 percent, among the lowest for any demographic group. Safetybelt use in rural areas was a little better at 76 percent in 2004, butstill below the national average. As a result, special emphasis will beplaced on teenage drivers, pickup truck drivers and rural motoristsduring the 2005 campaign.

"This isn't about just having to obey a law, it's about doing the rightthing to safeguard yourself and your children," said Jim Crites, DFW'sexecutive vice president of operations. "We all love our children andsometimes that means telling them to do something that may inconveniencethem."

For the past several years, the National Highway Traffic SafetyAdministration has helped states implement the Click It or Ticketprogram across the country, aiding law enforcement agencies inconducting intensive, high-publicity Click It or Ticket campaigns withincreased enforcement of safety belt laws.

The Click It or Ticket efforts are an effective tool in raising safetybelt use rates. In 2004, the Mobilization efforts helped to increase thenational belt use rate to a record high of 80 percent. The combinationof active law enforcement, coupled with paid advertising and communitysupport has proven to be an extremely effective means for increasingsafety belt use - and saving lives - across the country.

More than 30 law enforcement agencies in North Texas will take part inthe stepped up patrols, including police departments in Arlington, Azle,Bedford, Benbrook, Blue Mound, Boyd, Burleson, Colleyville, Decatur,Dublin, Euless, Forest Hill, Fort Worth, Glen Rose, Godley, Grandview,Haltom City, Hudson Oaks, Hurst, Jacksboro, Joshua, Keller, Lakeside,Mineral Wells, Pantego, Pelican Bay, Richland Hills, Reno, Rio Vista,River Oaks, Saginaw, Sansom Park, and the UNT Health Science Center.Also taking part are Sheriff's Departments from Hood, Johnson, Parker,Somervell, Tarrant and Wise counties, along with the Granbury DPSoffice.
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