Southwest reaction to the DFW sponsored study.

When DFW staged their show in the empty Delta gate area earlier this week and released their paid "independent" report, there was nobody at Southwest available to comment on it. They were having their own party for the launch of their Set Love Free website (see link at right).

Now we have some reaction in the form of a website story from the fine folks at NBC 5.


Southwest Airlines officials said free competition only could be healthy, and that D/FW Airport authorities are desperate to keep the Wright Amendment in place. Officials countered by saying the airport master plan allows only 135 more daily flights out of the smaller, inner city airport.

"I don't know where they're getting their numbers from," Ed Stewart of Southwest Airlines, said. "Supposedly, they're dealing with models. We're dealing with facts."

The story also contains a link to a web poll, the results of which are quite provocative.

We freely concede that web polls are highly unscientific, but when the disparity in the numbers is this wide we cannot help but feel that it is not a wholly inaccurate barometer of the sentiment among north Texans.

Just over 2000 people weighed in with their opinion on the question "Do you support a repeal of the Wright Amendment?" Fully 90 percent said yes, they do support it. A mere 200 respondents said no, Wright should remain in place.

Maybe Americans really do support a free-market. Or maybe they just support cheaper air fare. Either way, we wonder what the numbers would say should someone decide to commission a genuine scientific poll conducted by a respectable outfit.

Someone get Ty Meighan at the SH Texas Poll on the blower!