More response from SWA

From the Set Love Free website we get thoughts from SWA on the DFW "study". SWA says its not a formal response. But it really kinda is since its on the site. Either way they have an excellent point:

"Southwest Airlines does not have a formal response to DFW's recent study because there isn't any 'new' news in DFW's report. History and experience has shown us that the repeal of the Wright Amendment and consequently, the Southwest Effect will expand air service and reduce fares at both airports.

Dallas Love Field is simply a mini-mart compared to DFW's mega-mall and we do not plan to grow our Love Field operations into a hub. (In fact, Southwest Airlines does not operate a hub and spoke system, we fly point-to-point.)

The possibility of another carrier turning Love Field Airport into a hub is baseless under the Master Plan which ensures that Love Field will remain 20 percent the size of DFW. The capacity at Love does not exist and the Master Plan was designed to end unjustified complaints that Love Field might become a serious threat to DFW.

Again, our intentions have never been to turn Love Field into a full-fledged hub, we simply want to provide better service from our home airport."

And we have asked SWA to link to us on that website. Here's hoping...and we'll keep you posted as we keep posting.